New Song Coming out July 31st

In these crazy times where nothing is clear and no one knows who or what to believe, we just do the only 

thing that we know how to do.  Create music. On Friday, July 31st, we will release a video…

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May 22nd-Tuesday Takeover is coming!

On Tuesday May 26th, we will be taking over The Sunshine Studio's Live Facebook page.

We will be unlocking the secrets to our musical universe, sharing music, stories and chatting with

all of you! Live streams will be taking…

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May 9th- Eleanor Rigby

Greetings from Lockdown Krasher's.  Are things getting real yet or what? So far we have canceled all of our events

through June.  As we know more about reschedules and upcoming shows, we will let you know.  Last week we finished…

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March 23rd 

Well, we hope everyone is staying safe and sane out there. Our hearts go out to those families who are feeling the worst

effects of this terrible virus.  Everyone else, I hope you are all doing your part to help…

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Summer Tour and Studio

We want to thank everyone for coming out to the Hollywood show last weekend.  It was a blast! We have a few sporadic shows 

over the next couple of months while we will be mainly in the studio getting new…

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